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  Wordpress Nifty Scripts You are downloading the script for Wordpress nifty script, this is the first time ever I have seen a script for wordpress. The wordpress nifty script is the upgraded version of the Wordpress nifty script where you can manage wordpress data with PHP, MySQL, Ajax and Wordpress integration.  Price Comparison Script Nulled - Support Open Source Code Price Comparison Script Nulled (v1.0) is an open source script developed in PHP and MySQL. Price Comparison Script Nulled is designed to allow customers to get prices from different vendors in a short period of time. The script can manage both domestic and international prices. Based on the result you can get more detail information about the offer from a vendor. Price Comparison Script Nulled also allow you to compare the price from multiple vendors at once. The script is similar to price comparison from different vendors script. This script can be a great choice to help you manage your next website project price wise. It allows you to manage website data in a better way with PHP, MySQL, AJAX and Wordpress. Features of Price Comparison Script Nulled This script is loaded with the following features: * Ability to compare prices from different vendors * Multiple vendors price comparison * ability to compare prices from multiple vendors at once * Showing a result of price comparison on a separate page * Ability to save the data of comparison at vendor side * Ability to add new vendor at the user side * Ability to edit the prices of a vendor * Updates of prices from vendor * Ability to add vendor to the database * Ability to edit the vendor at the database * Show a basic information about a vendor * Shows a detailed information of the supplier * Ability to download the list of suppliers * Ability to export the list of supplier to a CSV file * Ability to import the list of suppliers from CSV file * Import the list of data from XML file * Check out the list of vendors * Show a list of reviews from multiple vendors * Show a list of

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